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Cost Change:
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  • urban areas satellite the state they are found in.
  • you can drag all the bubbles around to rearrange stuff.
  • the size of an urban area's bubble indicates its % in relation to all other data being considered (changes as what states are included/excluded changes).
  • click on a state's bubble to show/hide its urban areas (areas still included in data set even if hidden).
  • click on an urban area bubble to see census data for that area.
  • use the 'Included States' control to choose the set of states you're interested in.
  • when viewing an urban area's census data you can choose to exclude that state's areas from the data set.
  • if you look closely one urban area will have a bright red border. that area has the largest % of all areas currently being considered.
  • if you're considering moving use the 'Moving From/To' inputs to see the cost difference between two urban areas for the item currently selected in the 'Visualize' control.